"Pale Blue Dot"

In 1990, the Voyager project planned to shut off the Voyager 1 spacecraft's imaging cameras to conserve power and because the probe, along with its sibling Voyager 2, would not fly close enough to any other objects to take pictures. Before the shutdown, the mission commanded the probe to take a series of 60 images designed to produce what they termed the "Family Portrait of the Solar System." Executed on Valentine's Day 1990, this sequence returned images for making color views of six of the solar system's planets and also imaged the Sun in monochrome.

АвтоЗАЗ, 1990 р.

Наш фест-2010 (Звенигород) https://ostap-lviv.livejournal.com/137711.html

Історія України, 11 клас. Вася, Нана, Мар'яна, Аня.

Засоби звукового спостереження часів першої світової війни.

Snow being removed from the tracks on the route Lviv-Przemyśl around a passenger train pulled by a Tr11 steam locomotive some time in the interwar period (1919-1939).

Clown Core - Hell

Why don’t seven decades of cycling innovation show up in PBP speeds?

Супер ніндзя

Літаки ВПС США над палаючими нафтовежами Кувейту

Миколай, 24/10/2003


A group of bōsōzoku

«Маленький Ісус і коала»